Ikea ?


As a designer and fresh graduate to the interior design field. I have been taught that IKEA was more of a last resort. Designers go more towards sturdy, quality, expensive and longevity when it comes to finding pieces for a space. Unfortunately, being a student, grad or a person making a living in retail minimum wage, i don’t have the luxury to pay $2000 for a chair or table. Although i would love to have the beautiful Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. (MY ultimate dream chair)


IKEA to me is a great place if you take your time and look through as much of it as possible! Bringing different pieces together can ultimately result in an amazing and space changing statement.

I would love the chance to entertain friends and family. But, after a year of living in a 575 sq. ft. apartment i have yet to have anyone over. The use of space and the fact that storage is a huge issue makes clutter and stacks and piles endless! Its a constant struggle of moving and placing things. So ultimately i needed a way to store all the dvds and books i owned and also be able to have storage and a surface for a “bar” type area.

Here is my solution:

I went with the “Expedit” series that comes in so many colours and sizes! I chose to keep it simple and easy to change it up if eventually we were to move into a bigger place!

First peice was the “Expedit” 1×5 book case in black:


This piece works as a book case on one side and on the other a great shelving display for all my nice glass ware for the bar

Next, i got the “Expedit” 2×2 cubbies in black:


This became the bar storage and of course the bar top! I didn’t want to have open storage below and i really HATE having the cube pullouts that you can get for the cubbies at ikea. So IKEA came out with an amazing alternative! You can now get drawer inserts that literally fit the openings in the cubbies! BRILLIANT!


Once these were put in my bar/storage/bookcase was complete! Its amazing the amount of storage it has and the fact that i have a place to put all my “bar” accessories is even better.

Here is the finished product:





Cant wait to finally have some people over!


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