Rustic Luxe

Rustic Luxe – Mixing personal pieces with modern, vintage, tone and texture

colour in simplicity

One of the latest design trends is “Rustic Luxe”, it truly brings out the essence and charm of a space with all the modern luxury comforts to enjoy. The blending of rustic vintage pieces such as thick wooden tables paired with glamorous white tufted chairs, chrome finishes and a modern chandelier produces such a stylish authentic appeal. A mixture of scale, pairing over the top pieces with small under scaled pieces. take modern clean lines and mix in the curves and ornate drama of vintage and past eras.

Object Scale against textures

Natural materials such as stonewalls and brick with plaster visible and exposed wood beams provide substance and depth to a room while softly contrasting with the other elements in the room such as soft neutral walls, white silk linens with black graphics and fabrics, or signature furniture pieces. Mix in some amazing framed pieces, ornate and sleak, ovals mixed with rectangular and square frames. Pops of your favorite colour help draw the eye and bring out items that may have been lost in the space. Shiney surfaces such as glass, mirror and polished stone will bounce the light and illuminate at the same time. Collectively blending together in a harmonious path that diffuses a warm and cozy ambiance without being cluttered or over the top.

Modern against Vintage

This simplistic design style allows one to take full advantage of all the wonderful pieces that one can find at local antique fairs and shops. Take a chance, do some DIY, make something that is second hand a conversation piece. Go check out the flea markets and second hand shops! have fun and mix texture and colour, warm with cold, metal with wood, soft with hard, linear lines with curved lines and modern with vintage peices.

Taxidermy on a neutral wall with amazing texture

The result is a comfortable living space with unique and edgy style that is uncomplicated, fresh and truly personalized.


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